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I am native from Saverne and I noticed that the Web pages which are related to my city aren't so numerous. Here are some of them. Sometimes (seldom) it is a site entirely dedicated to the city, more frequently it's only a page ore more extracted from a vast site (like the pages about the different hotels). They'll give you an idea of what the city looks like.

If you know other pages related to Saverne, please send me an e-mail a the following address: I will then add them here.

I have also included some links about cities or villages of Alsace. Enjoy their discovery!

First of all, here is the Yahoo page related to the city of Saverne. There are now a dozen sites referenced there.

Yahoo! Exploration géographique:Pays:France:Régions:Alsace:Départements:Rhin, Bas (67):Villes:Saverne


  City of Saverne : the official site of the city, full of useful information.

  Donaueschingen: one of the two twin towns of Saverne.

  Saverne: page dedicated to Saverne on the Donaueschingen city web site.

  The Jewish Community: very interesting pages about the story of the Jewish community in Saverne and the synagogue.

  The Leclerc High School: welcome page of the Leclerc high school, where I was a student too.

  The FM frequency band of Saverne: a list of all FM frequencies that can be picked up in Saverne.


  Mathematicians born in Saverne : some pages about the life of Jacques Français, a mathematician born in Saverne.


Some hotels and other organizations of accommodation in the city. Some of them allow you to make a reservation online.

  List of the hotels in Saverne
  Hotel Chez Jean
  Hotel Geiswiller
  Hotels in Saverne
  Camping in Saverne
  Youth hostel in Saverne

  The Chappe station and museum: Claude Chappe invented an aerial telegraph during the French Revolution. Each telegraph line was made of stations, each of them built within sight of the preceding one. Only one of these station subsists today: the station of Saverne, built on the Paris-Strasbourg line. It was restored at the end of the 60's.


Some firms in Saverne are present on the Web. Here are their adresses.

  Kuhn SA : it's a manufacturer of tools and agricultural machines. It's one of the greatest employer of the Saverne area. The factory is located at the foot of the col.

  Contifonte : Fonderie : production et vente de pièces moulées. Procédés et usinage.

Cities and villages

  Bouxwiller, by Jean-Claude Augst.

  Gottenhouse, by Daniel Peter, is one of the neighbour villages of Saverne.

  Daniel Peter is also the author of this site about the Outre-Forêt.

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