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The Brotsch cave and tower

After the Haut-Barr Castle followed by the two Geroldseck Castles, on the next height, there are the rock, the cave and the tower of the Brotsch. It is once again a rock bar of sandstone which emerges from the summit of the mountain. However, this one is less imposing than the one on which the Haut-Barr Castle is built. Here is a first postcard showing the entrance of the cave, at the foot of the rock bar.

The Brotsch Rock

Here is the cave, from a nearest point of view. It is not very deep, roughly ten meters, but the roof culminates at 10 meters or so. At the far end of the cave, in a fault, you could formerly see some bats hanging upside down, waiting the night to go eating. Today, many people come to this rock to climb it, so the bats have emigrated to another quiet please (I hope so!).

The Brotsch Cave

At the top of the Brotschberg (the name of this height from the Vosges mountains) the members of the Club Vosgien de Saverne have built this tower in the year 1899. The date has been engraved on the lintel of the entrance. A spiral staircase leads to the summit platform, from where you can admire a beautiful and impressive panorama both on the plain of Alsace and on the plateau of Lorraine. When the weather allows it, you can see the Cathedral of Strasbourg on one side, and the Rock of Dabo on the other side.

The Brotsch Tower

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