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The Rams Valley (Ramstahl)

The Rams Valley, or Ramstahl in german and in alsacian dialect, runs into the Zorn Valley, at the foot of the Griffon (Greifenstein) Castle. It leads to the Mélanie Fountain which is a source that comes out of the rock. The view hereunder shows the forester house located at the entrance of the valley, with the Griffon (Greifenstein) Castle in the background.

Ramstahl and Griffon

At the beginning of the valley, there is a pond (shown hereunder), which belongs today to the local fishing society.

The Ramstahl Pond

The "Spille"

Not far from the Ochsenstein Castles, at the top of the mountain, there is a strange monolith of sandstone, named in german "die Spill", ie. the spindle. It is a natural sight of the surroundings of the city.

La Spille

To be continued...

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