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The Ste-Barbe Chapel

The Ste-Barbe Chapel is located on a platform at midheight of the Barbarakopf, just over the village of Otterstahl. It is perfectly visible from the A4 highway, from Strasbourg to Paris.

First mentioned in 1559, the actual chapel has been rebuilt (or restored) in 1630 by the Count Herrmann Adolphe of Salm-Reifferscheidt, whose coat of arms are sculpted on the summit of the triumph arch inside of the chapel. The chapel has been restored in 1868.

The Ste-Barbe Chapel

The railway viaduct

Witness of a time where railway links were more spreaded out than today, here is the viaduct which allowed the trains to pass over a hollow between the villages of Otterswiller and Gottenhouse, at the exit of Saverne. It was the Saverne-Molsheim line which has been replaced by a bus line for profitability reasons. It only remains the viaduct as witness of this railway line, because all the rails have been pulled away.

The viaduct

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