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I would like to make you share my two hobbies: genealogy and ancient postcards from Saverne.

The first one was generated long years ago by questions that were asked to some members of my family : who were our ancestors? where did they came from? After spending many years in doing researches, in the Archives Départementales du Bas-Rhin and the Centre d'Histoire des Familles de Guebwiller (Haut-Rhin), I was able to write down my ascendant genealogical tree.

I discovered also the origins of my name in Alsace, in the 17th century, in a small village called Hochfelden. With some other descendants of the Heitmann families, we have created an association of the living descendants of the first identified Heitmann's.

The second one comes from my earlier hobby: collecting stamps. Year after year I also collected all ancient postcards from the town where I was born: Saverne. I have now nearby 500 of them. Saverne is a small town located a the west border of Alsace, at the foot of the Vosges mountains. Saverne is also called "Cité des Roses" (City of the roses). I will present you the city as it looked like in the early years of the 20th century.
Walk through the ancient Saverne

Note: everything on this site isn't translated in english yet. I will try to translate the articles I wrote about the Heitmann's origins first. Then the pages about Saverne when they'll be ready in french. I think you do not need the genealogy pages translated. They are understandable in french too.

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