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The Rohan Castle

  The Rohan Castle occupies the third side of the place. Here is the left part of its façade (almost two thirds of it). The right wing is hidden behind the houses which build the fourth side of the place.

The Rohan Castle

Here is an aerial view from the castle, taken from a dirigible Zeppelin balloon. You can see the Castle, the Castle's Place and, on the left, the Recollets Church which we will visit later. The vertical axis on the first third of the photography (left) is Main Street.

Castle, aerial view

The Rohan Castle has been built from 1779 by the cardinal Louis-René de Rohan-Guéméné, bishop of Strasbourg, on the ruins of the previous castle. This previous castle has been destroyed by a fire in the night of the 24th of septembre, 1779.

The Castle has had various destinations throughout the centuries: by turns episcopal castle and residence of the bishop of Strasbourg, old people's home for war widows under Napoleon III, jail, barracks from 1871 until 1945. Recently it was used as administrative city, housing the Cadastre, the Public Treasure and the Tax inspector's office. Today it houses the Youth Hostel, the Museum of Saverne and the Espace Rohan (theater and concert room).

This is a view of the right wing, located under the catholic church. The Youth Hostel is located in this wing. The museum was previously installed in the St-Michel's Chapel, the great house at the left of the church, in the background of the castle's wing.

Castle, right wing

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