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Map of the surroundings of Saverne

The various sites which I present you within these web pages are shown by red dots on the map below. This map is a map of the Vosges Mountains, which has been edited in 1922 by the Comité Central du Club Vosgien in Strasbourg. This is the sheet number VII, surroundings of Saverne, printed in colors at the scale of 1/50,000th, on linen-backed paper. This explains the cross which separates the map into four parts.

Click on one of those points to see an illustration and a comment about the site.

  Haut-Barr Castle
  Great- and Little-Geroldseck Castles
  Greiffenstein Castle & St-Vitus Cave
  Haberacker and Ochsenstein
  Zorn Valley
  Brotsch Cave and Tower


  Prince Charles' Jump
  Rams Valley (Ramstahl)
  Ste-Barbe Chapel
  Vat of Stone
  Railway Viaduct
  The Stambach hamlet.



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